Alterations Guide
You are nearly a #newlywed
That's right your going to become a Mrs! 
Lets look at how the alterations process works!

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1. Pre - Fit / Gown Arrival Appointmnet

  • We run strictly by appointment to ensure you get a one-to-one undisturbed experience in our bridal suite with a dedicated bridal stylist.

  • Booking can't be simpler. Book online, by phone, email or social media. You choose.

  • Evening and weekend appointments are available, including Sundays 

2. 1st Appointment

  • Upon arrival, you'll be introduced to your bridal seamstress who will guide you through your bridal experience. 

  • Please bring your bridal shoes and underwear to all appointments and fittings. 

  • Please keep your fake tan and heavy make-up for another day as you don't want it to mark your beautiful wedding dress. 

  • Wedding dresses are always ordered to the largest bodily measurement unless your gown was made to measure. Pretty much every wedding dress will need some sort of alterations to ensure a sculptured fit to your body shape.

  • We will discuss the alterations required, pin and place your dress discussing the timescales dependent on whether you have purchased standard, semi express or express alterations packages.

  • Every bride and dress requires different alterations so the number of fitting appointments may differ.

  • If you have scheduled standard alterations you will be booked for 3 fitting appointments either Monday or Tuesday between 1000 - 2000. 

  • If you have booked semi express or express fitting appointments will be scheduled in line with the work required and the number of appointments to complete the work to the highest standards.

  • Bespoke work is at an additional charge to the standard, semi - express and express fitting charges.

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3. 2nd Fitting Appointment

  • We will check the work that was pinned at your first appointment. We always start at the top and work down. We will not do the hem or bustle on your wedding dress until the bodice is fitting correctly.

  • If you have had bespoke work, swatches, fabrics, laces, calico etc will be discussed at this appointment. 

  • At this appointment, your dress will have been handled and worked on by the seamstress and may require you to be careful in your gown due to pins etc.

  • We will schedule your collection appointment for the week of your wedding or departure if you are having a destination wedding.

4. Final Fitting Appointment

  • This is completed around 2 weeks ahead of your wedding day or departure date.

  • Your final dress fitting and your wedding dress is looking amazing!

  • Don't worry if we are looking at your wedding dress extra closely we are making sure it's fabulous.

  • We will ask you to walk, sit and move in your wedding dress to ensure your dress fits you to perfection.

  • If your wedding dress is not perfect it's not leaving and we may add any additional appointments to ensure it fits to perfection.

  • We will fully train mum, sister, or best friend to get you into your dress perfectly. This is the appointment to bring them to.


5. Collection Appointment​

  • Once your wedding dress is ready it then is checked for quality control. Your beautiful wedding dress is checked to ensure that each individual bead, crystal, lace appliqué, sequin, etc. is perfectly in place for your wedding day and looks amazing. Each wedding dress is treated as if it's our own. If it is not perfect it's not ready.

  • Your wedding dress is carefully pressed, steamed and packed with acid-free tissue paper so it maintains its shape. The wedding dress will be covered in one of our garment bags and will be ready to wear on your wedding day.

  • We check your wedding dress and accessories with you, you sign your wedding dress out and take her home to be worn. .


  • We will pack your dress into a beautiful bag or box freshly steamed and pressed ready for your big day. 

  • We will give you any additional aftercare information you need such as caring for your veil or bridal shoes. 

  • Details on how to care for your wedding dress after your wedding day. We can provide you with a range of options to care for your dress long term, such as dry cleaning and storage solutions, ensuring your dress stays prestine for a lifetime.

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