Here at Willow Bridal, we are an all-inclusive boutique, just because you have a disability doesn't mean you cant shop for your dream dress. If you have members of your bridal party who needs additional assistance we are here for you. 

Shop Door

Wide Doors

Our boutique doors are designed to allow access via wheelchair. Our front door is button push for easy access

Shop Doors

Easy Access

Ramp Access to our main showroom, gowns and our large fitting room.

Ladies Bra

Large Fitting Room

Large private fitting room with lots of room. No more cramped fitting rooms in the corner of room.

Baby Pram

Pram Accessible

Our front door is pram accessible via button, ramp to main showroom and all one level. 

Bra | Willow Bridal

Breast Feeding Friendly

We arn't afraid of boobs here!

Feed your baby if they need it. 

Baby Icon

Child Friendly

We have a large box of toys for young children to play with instore. 

Goggles | Willow Bridal

Clear Visors

We wear clear visors during appointments wherever possible to assist with lip reading clients.

Text in Bubble | Willow Bridal

Large Print

Large print paperwork is available.

Credit Card

Contactless Payment

Contactless Payment Options.