Wedding Dress Buttons | Samantha Gades

Fastening Wedding Dress Buttons

If you are having a button back on your wedding day a crochet hook is definitely a must. As it seems like a daunting taskto fasten all those buttons on the bride's dress it’s a very simple task to do and can be done pretty quickly if you follow thehelpful tips below:



If the dress has a zip behind or below the loop fastenings close the hook and eye then pull the zip up.



Start at the bottom of the loops and work your way up using the ‘Crochet Hook’ to grip the loop and move it over thebutton. The hook makes it a much easier job to do and can definitely speed things up when getting ready.



If the loops are not elastic it’s easier to start from the bottom of the loops and fastens upwards.



Add Buy A Crochet Hook to your wedding must-have list for the morning of your wedding.