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Wedding planning can be very stressful - it's a huge undertaking that takes a lot of time and money. However, here are some tips that I think will help you!

1. Figure out your budget.

There are a lot of things to think about when planning a wedding, but your budget is the most important one. You'll spend months planning and preparing for this day, so it's crucial that you're aware of how much money you're going to need upfront—and make sure it's enough! The best way to figure out what your budget should be is by doing some research on what other people have spent in similar situations. If that doesn't help, ask someone who has been through this process before (like your parents) or consult with experts like wedding planners or caterers who can give you an idea of what different costs might be. Once you have an idea of how much everything will cost, add up all those figures and divide them by 12 (since these expenses will appear monthly over the course of one year). This gives us our monthly average expense rate.

2. Have a rough guest list.

It’s a good idea to have a rough guest list. You might be surprised at how many people you want to invite. The reason for this is because your wedding will be a celebration of your love, and it can be tempting to invite everyone who has ever been kind to you or said something nice about you in the past. But that might lead you down a road where the venue costs $500 per guest, which means everyone has to bring their own toilet paper and wipe up after themselves on their way out of the church—and that’s not really romantic! So keep it simple: Pick out just three or four people who mean the most to both of you, then add five more guests for each child (because kids get bored), then add twenty more guests so there are enough servers at the reception hall table service restaurant with good reviews online (and no one else).

The point isn't how many people show up; it's how many friends come together on this special day as witnesses of love between two hearts.

3. Decide the style and tone of your wedding day.

When you're choosing a venue for your dream wedding, keep in mind the style and tone of your big day. Is it going to be a formal event or more casual? Are you planning on having live music played during the ceremony or reception? Are there elements that need to fit in with each other, like lighting or decorations? You'll want to make sure all aspects of your wedding are cohesive so that your guests have an overall great experience at the end of it all...and you'll also want them talking about how beautiful everything was!

4. Don't be influenced by what everyone else is doing or what you've seen on Pinterest!

There are so many wedding trends and styles that it’s easy to get swept away by what everyone else is doing. But remember: you’re not everyone else! Your wedding has to be about you, your partner and the two of you together. Don't try to please everybody else—if your parents don't like the venue or dress designer you choose, they'll just have to deal with it. I know it can be difficult, but try not to let anyone influence your decisions too much because in the end you'll regret it if someone isn't happy with what they see on their big day!

5. Select a venue or a few venues as soon as possible.

Selecting a venue is an important step in the planning process. Your venue will help you to stay on track with your budget, and it can also give you ideas for other aspects of your wedding. For example, if you choose to have an outdoor reception with seating under the stars, you'll want to include decorative items that match these themes in your wedding decorating.

Choosing a venue that isn't too far from your home will also help save on travel costs (which we'll talk more about later).

6. Make a basic plan of your day.

Making a basic plan for your wedding day is easy, but it's also not something to be rushed or skipped. You can't just jump into wedding planning and expect things to go perfectly—you should plan as much as you can before the big day.

Here are some tips for making a basic plan:

  • Figure out what time of year you want to get married

  • Decide whether or not there will be an open bar (and if so, how many drinks people can have)

  • Find out what kind of music will be played at the reception

7. Plan ahead with your venue - even if you don't have any suppliers booked yet - to make sure that you've got all the time you need to enjoy your drinks reception, take photos and enjoy the food, speeches and dancing!

It's a good idea to plan ahead with your venue so that you have all the time you need to enjoy your drinks reception, take photos and enjoy good conversation with your guests.

You may not have any suppliers booked yet, but it's still worth contacting your venue to check that they can accommodate everything you want to do on the day - even if it looks like rain!

8. Choose your photographer as soon as possible - they often get booked up very quickly!

If you're looking to book a photographer, I would suggest booking one as soon as possible. They often get booked up very quickly and it is hard to get a good price if you wait too long. The best way to find a photographer is by going through an agency, such as [our blog], or asking friends who have had weddings before for recommendations. Another option is using online booking sites like [Our Website].

9. Discuss the important details with your other half (to save any arguments later) - things like whether you expect children to be at your wedding, the first dance song etc...

  • Discuss the important details with your other half. Things like whether you expect children to be at your wedding, the first dance song and so on.

  • Book a dress that suits you and reflects what style of bride you are - there is no point in having everyone gush over an outfit that doesn't suit them! A beautiful wedding dress can make any woman feel like a princess for the day. There are all sorts of styles available from simple long dresses to elaborate ball gowns in all colours of the rainbow!

  • Don't forget about your groom! He will love his suit even more if he goes out and chooses it himself rather than being given one by someone else.

10. Don't let anyone else dictate what you should be doing for your wedding - this is YOUR day!

At the end of the day, this whole thing is YOUR wedding. Don't let anyone else push their opinions on you or influence your decisions. You don't have to spend a certain amount because someone else thinks that's how much it should cost or where they think you should have it. Don't listen to anyone who tries to tell you what color flowers are in or out, why glitter isn't appropriate anymore, or what kind of dress is "appropriate" for a bride.

In fact, don't even let people tell you what's "appropriate" for any event related to your wedding (and beyond). There's no reason why you can't wear red lipstick if that's what makes YOU feel good! If something works for somebody else and helps them feel more confident on their big day - great! But if something doesn't work for YOU? Then move on from there and do whatever makes sense for YOU!

Also remember: The more specific advice we get about our weddings, the closer we come towards having someone else entirely plan our own special day instead of doing what WE want! So unless someone has experience with such things and knows exactly how long things take/how much they cost/what kinds of decisions need making before they can start working themselves up into a frenzy over some tiny detail...don’t let those voices dictate everything about yours!!

A few tips for brides before starting on their wedding planning!

  • Create a budget

  • Select a rough guest list

  • Select the style and tone of your wedding day

  • Don’t be influenced by what everyone else is doing or what you’ve seen on Pinterest!

  • Select a venue or few venues as soon as possible


These are just a few things I wish someone had told me when I started planning my wedding, and I hope they help you feel more prepared. The most important thing is to enjoy the journey - after all, there's only one time in your life that you get to plan this magical day!

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