Buying Your Wedding Dress

Our wedding dresses have prices ranging from £1000 - £6000 with order schedules and timings variations between all our designer which can be anything from a few weeks to over 6 months for a couture gown. Your bridal consultant needs to know what timescales we are working to along with your budget to find your dream bridal gown. We pride ourselves on finding you the wedding dress of your dreams thats in your budget and is altered to perfection ready for your wedding day.

When you place an order with us we require a 50% of the total price of your order as your initial payment with the remainder due when your wedding dress is ready to be delivered to us or arrives in store.

We can also provide payment plans if you don't have the initial payment of 50% you can leave either either an initial payment of 10% of the balance or £250 which ever is greater and can be paid interest free over 6, 9 or 12 months.

We cannot order any gown until 50% of the balance has been paid so please factor this in if you want to do this. Missed payments and late payments do incur a £25 charge. All balances can be paid off ahead of payment dates if you so wish if it helps with budgeting.

Once your gown arrives in the boutique we quality check the gown it meets our highest standards and we will then contact you for a stying appointment for your to try on your wedding dress and to settle your payment if you haven't already paid it.

​During your styling appointment we will ask you to check you gown, and try it on, once this is done and the wedding dress is paid for its all yours! At the end of the appointment we will happily continuing storing your wedding dress and it will remain fully insured on the premises until your fitting appointments and then your wedding day. We do charge a small fee of £50 for our storage service and its usually paid at the time of ordering, however if you change your mind it can be paid at anytime including at your styling appointment. If you don't want to pay for us to store your gown of course thats fine and we will pack your beautiful wedding dress to take home that day. If you are using our in-house alterations appointments just bring your dress back with your wedding shoes to your first fitting with the alterations team

Do be aware that once a wedding dress has left our premises and has been signed out we cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur. Please do resist the urge to try her on constantly as it can cause irreversible damage to the wedding dress. We will always recommend you store it in the bag provided and our of reach of children or any pets.

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