Comfort Is All That Matters

Every bride always asks up about their wedding shoes and what are the best to wear on your wedding day considering most shoes will be covered by the all important dress.


Firsts things first is comfort, you're going to wearing those shoes all day and well into the evening with all that dancing you're going to do.

Heel Height

Don't wear a heal height your not comfortable in on a day to day basis. If your wanting to wear a higher heel than usual make sure you break them in and wear them pre wedding day so your feet and you get used to them.

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As with any shoes don't wear shoes that are too small or force your toes together as this can cause long term damage and pain.


Do be aware that some shoe fabrics can catch on your wedding dress especially tulle or some of the super soft fabrics. Using clear nail varnish on those details especially embellishments or gems can prevent the stones from catching.

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Do ask your bridal boutique for a colour swatch of your wedding dress as every dress is different if your looking to match your dress and footwear. Do ask your bridal boutique for one but they can take a few weeks to come into store from requesting the dresses designer.

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You must have your shoes before you're first fitting with the seamstress to get an exact length on your dress. Some seamstresses or alterations specialist may turn you away if you don't have them with you.

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Wearing Them Again

If you purchase shoes from Rainbow Club and other wedding shoe manufacturers if you purchase white or ivory satin shoes quite often they can be sent to the company to be re dyed into any colour of your choice.

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