Finding The Perfect Wedding Dress

Its the moment we dreamt about since being young. Its FINALLY time to try on those beautiful gowns that we’ve swooned over in bridal boutique windows. All in the hope to find the ONE.

Finding your dress should be special and exciting. Here a Willow Bridal we want you to have the perfect journey to finding that perfect dress. These are some of our top tips to finding your dream gown.

Keep an open mind

Keeping an open mind is extremely important. Many of our brides are shocked to find that their perfect dress is nothing like the dress then envisaged at the start. Most of us, before trying dresses on flicked though bridal magazines, Trawled the internet and watched say yes to the dress obsessively…in the hope to be inspired or see a dress we want. Although this can be helpful for inspiration, a lot of people fall in love with dresses that are simply not designed with their unique body shape in mine, this can lead to disappointment when finally trying on. Fear not, there IS a beautiful dress for everyone, its just finding what is right for you. At your first appointment, be sure to tell your bridal consultant your ideas, shape, details, fabric etc, this way they can guide you in the right direction.

Budgeting for the one

Its is important to think about your budget before starting to look.

Some gowns can come with a hefty price tag, you wouldn’t want to fall in love with a dress that you can’t afford.

Be clear on your budget, decided if that budget needs to cover the cost of the dress alone or both the dress and any additional accessories such as a veil or shoes.

Always let your bridal consultant know the top end of your budget and what this budget needs to be spent on when starting out, this way they can help to guide you.

Quite often boutiques have promotional days/weekends such as trunk shows for different designers, these promotions usually offer discounts, it can be a great way to get a dress that was out of your budget, so keep an eye open for those.

Skip the entourage

Weddings are something that everyone is excited about and would love to be part of so it is common for brides to arrive with mothers, mother in laws, bridesmaids, cousins, friends etc. Its great to have people there while choosing your dress, but how many is too many? We usually suggest 2 to 3 people, we found that brides tended to have a more successful appointment when they arrive with a smaller group.

Don’t sweat the size

In our experience many brides are down heartened when looking at the size of bridal gown being ordered.

We measure each brides unique size and follow the individual designers measurement guide, we then find the sizing that is the closest to your measurements. The most important thing to remember is that the gown should fit correctly or will after few alterations. All you beautiful brides to be out their need to remember that most bridal gown sizing is small, In some cases tiny.

One of our bridal consultants decided to test this theory, so we took her measurements. In high street clothing she wears an 8 – 10, but when looking at the sizing guide for all our manufacturers she fit in anything between an 8 to a size 16. So remember ladies, don’t sweat the number, LOVE THE DRESS!

Don’t leave it too late

A lot of brides are shocked when they find out how long it can take for one of gorgeous gowns to arrive. Most of our dresses take between 6 – 10 months to arrive in the boutique, rush orders are possible but usually come at an extra cost. Our wedding dresses are all beautifully made with high quality fabric and most of the more ornate gowns are hand beaded, which takes time and skill.

So from ordering your bridal gown to completion of alterations, it could take anything from 8 -12 months to have your dress ready for your big day. Its good to keep this in mind so you don’t miss out on your dream dress.

Have fun

Most of all enjoy the experience, getting married should be an exciting time in your life and you want it to be memorable for all the right reasons.

Try to relax when trying on gowns and try not to take it all too seriously.

You will find a dress that makes you feel incredible. We just know it!

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