How To Choose Your Perfect Bridal Veil!

A bridal veil is an amazingly evocative accessory and chances are you will have never worn one before. In the words of the talented Randy Fenoli "Your just a pretty girl in a dress without a veil" We get so many questions about choosing the right one for you.

Below are our best tips on choosing the best bridal veil and wear it with attitude.


Many of our veils come in two or three different lengths, so it’s important to choose the right one to suit your dress, height and big day look.

Our veils come in 5 lengths which are standard but can be ordered in any custom length if you want something a little more bespoke.

Elbow-length: 55inches long, this is the shortest veil and the bottom edge generally sits at your elbow. This length can add a vintage feel, or a more modern vibe, depending on your wedding dress.

Fingertip-length: 72 inches long, is a classic and traditional option that finishes close to the fingertips on your hand.

Chapel-length: 108 inches long which, finishes at the edge of a standard-length train. This type of veil is considered traditional and beautiful be less dramatic than a full length cathedral veil.

Cathedral-length: 126 inches, a true cathedral-length veil will normally reach approximately 12 inches or so past the train on your wedding dress. This is definitely a statement veil that is both formal, full of stature and every so regal.


All our veils come in single-tier and double-tier (2 Tier) veils. Adding a blusher (2 tier) means you cover your face for that all important walk down the aisle if you wanting to be traditional. You can also double up on veils to create a completely customised two-tier effect with just the right amount of bounce.


When selecting a veil the details, trim and edging done necessarily need to match The trim or beading on your veil doesn't have to mimic your wedding dress's details perfectly however it is fabulous when they complement each other and create your unique aisle style.

For example, a lace or appliquéd dress works well with a veil that's simple or decorated with sparkle whilst. a mikado gown might look amazing with a traditional 2 tier satin-edged veil. Alternatively, if your wedding dress is heavily embellished, with details and sparkle a simple super soft tulle veil with no details will let the details of your wedding dress show through beautifully.

On the other hand, an understated gown can look fabulous with a more decorative veil. Do you have an air loom veil that's been passed down? why not consider it when selecting your veil wearing it as your something old.


The majority of bridal veils can be worn in several ways and placed in different positions to create your unique look. Wearing your bridal veil on the top of your head works well especially if you have a 2 tier veil to ensure you can cover your face fully.

Wearing your wedding veil on the crown of the head is a touch more contemporary offering you a traditional feel but a little but modern. May brides choose to wear their veil at the back of the head is both sophisticated and ultra classic.

Our recommendations are to try you veil at your hair trial or book a styling appointment afterwards as where your veil sits cat really transform your overall bridal look.

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