Our Favourite Collaboration To Date.

Here at Willow Bridal Boutique we love to offer our brides something unique and something to complementary to our brides.

Recently we visited The Harrogate Bridal Show to buy the latest wedding dresses for our boutique. Whilst we where their we visited Ivory & Co Bridal and bought some amazing accessories for our boutique and added some amazing veils to our collection to be delivered later in the year. Whilst we where their we also visited Rainbow Club Shoes and ordered some phenomenal but comfy shoes for the boutique.

Whilst we were their we discovered that Rainbow Club and Ivory & Co have collaborated to make the most amazing bridal shoes. If you follow our Instagram page you will know of my love for fabulous shoes and the weekly post of "Shoespiration".

The shoes that have been created together are just amazing and a must. They are limited edition and only 250 pairs will be made in each style. We will be taking delivery of these gorgeous shoes this autumn.

Rainbow Club Shoes with Ivory & Co Bridal

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