Things That All Brides Need For Their Big Day

Here at Willow Bridal we offer a special service called dress the bride, this means that we spend a lot of time with brides and their nearest and dearest on the morning of their big day. Providing this service on many occasions has shown us that you need to be prepared for all eventualities. So from our experience, listening to brides and there wedding parties we thought it would be helpful to share a list of items essential items you should have before your big day.

1. Extras of these little guys known as hair pins / bobby pins are a must, for your'e wedding day, they come in assorted colours to match all hair types. They are essential for keeping those locks tamed though on your big day.

2. Emergency Sewing/mending kit are invaluable. These kits can be wedding day life savers. These are a few items contained in our kit, fabric scissors, Magic hemming tape, needles and cotton, safety pins, corsage pins etc… these items are needed at almost all dress the bride appointments we attend even if it’s for minor repair to a bridesmaids dress hem or re attaching a stray button… but its defiantly a good plan to have one of these kits made up for your day.

3. Who doesn’t love that sun kissed glow of a tan for a special occasion….hey? many brides and members of their wedding party decide to have a ‘fake’ tan in the days just before the wedding. On most occasions they have had a trial (which we would advise) and the tan looks like you’ve just arrived back from a two week holiday in the Bahamas…but on more occasions than we care to count we have encountered panicked brides, bridesmaids etc with streaks, blotches and patches in very noticeable places, looking more unpa lumpa than wedding day chic.

Having fake tan removal products to hand can help to rectify the situation. There are quite a few on the market these days such as the tan removal mits or tan removal cleans and lotions. Below is an example of a couple.

Although these products can help, sometimes you will not be able to remove the problem area, so always try to avoid this situation.

4. Emergency spot treatment. Many of our brides have brake outs in the run up to their wedding due to stress or lack of sleep, this is very common so what can we do about it to stay looking out best.

Many of our brides suggest quick action spot treatments, which can take down inflammation and redness with in a few hours which can be found at most pharmacies.

5. For many women, part of dressing to impress is wearing a stunning paid of heels. As we know heels looks incredible but can take their toll on our feet. This is where being prepared can help. There are products available for our comfort such as gel insoles/cushions and gel heels cushions which can help take the pressure of areas and reduce sliding and rubbing. Another foot essential is plasters, simple, lightweight and can be easily hidden…

And when all else fails, Flats… pop them on and have a boogie on the dance floor.

6. Matching make up… Many of our brides hire the services of a make up artist for their big day. We love this idea as these brides tend to be the most relaxed on the morning of the wedding, all they need to do is sit and be pampered until they are ready and can get their gown on. BUT… we found that many brides did not have matching or similar make-up to top up their look… for example: our beautiful bride was wedding ready, the make-up artist has headed off and the bride sips her drink … then needed to retouch her lips before the wedding has even started.

We found that the most used top up items were lipstick, eye liner, concealer and press powder.

Its definably worth having touch up products to hand.

Bobbie Brown, MAC, NARS, Urban Decay are some of our favourite wedding make up products due to their long lasting formulas and amazing colour selections, whether thats for the minimal natural look or the ultra glam look for your'e wedding day.

7. White chalk… now this one may sound strange. This would only be used as a last resort idea. Chalk can be used to camouflage small marks on your gown. (always test a non-visible area first to check it works in an emergency for your gown)

Here’s a list of other items that would come in useful though out the day.

· Paracetamol

· Tissues

· Mints

· Nail file

· Tweezers

· Eye drops

· Sun cream (if getting married abroad)

· Mini mirror

· Water and mini snacks (no low blood sugar here!)

· Mini deodorant and perfume

We hope that this is helpful for your big day, if you can think of any additions to add we would love to know.

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