Tips For a Smooth Wedding Day

Make a time table for the morning of you're wedding day.

The morning of you're wedding is hectic one from hair, make-up, having a good breakfast, arrival of you're wedding flowers and just breathing in general. It's definitely a busy morning.

Creating a timetable doesn't need to stressful, it doesn't have to contact lots of details but its handy to create a time schedule of the arrival of the hair makeup artists, or arrival times of other suppliers. I do suggest giving someone a list of important contact numbers just in case. Times for getting your hair and makeup done including your bridesmaids or anyone else in your bridal party. Allow adequate time to get into your gown we suggest 30 minutes especially if you have a corset back.

Ensure you have a dresser

For me this is often forgotten by brides and bridal parties how do you get in and out of your wedding dress and ensure its looks and fits correctly. Assign someone this task and ensure you have a dress rehearsal prior to your wedding day. Ensure the person dressing you hasn't had a fresh manicure of used dark nail polish as it can transfer onto your dress. As mentioned above allow 30 minutes for dressing. If your'e not comfortable having a bridal party member dress you on your'e wedding day ask us about our dress the bride service which starts at £120

Give your guests directions in their invitations

Many couples don't think about this one but it can be a must even in this day and age with sat navs.

For me it's a peace of mind thing on my own wedding day knowing my guests could find my church without contacting us. You could even create a wedding website and place the directions on their.

Assign someone to take care of any gifts/cards you receive.

Ensure you have someone to take care of any cards and gifts your are given by your guests on your'e wedding day. There’s nothing worse wondering whether or not somebody gave you a card when you get to writing your thank you notes. It means you can thank you notes stress free.

Also consider asking a member of your bridal party to keep the cards and gifts for you possibly jotting down the names of people on a small notepad. This also helps to ensure nothing goes missing on your'e wedding day. It's a great tip so your'e not worrying about things.

Make preparations for all types of weather regardless of your destination

Unfortunately the British weather isn't predictable and can go through 4 seasons in one day. We always advise our brides to prepare for the worst weather ever to ensure everything is covered. For example ensure you have a place to take photographs if it rains, or have a good selection of umbrellas. Love Umbrellas have an amazing selection of custom umbrellas to suit any bride. If the sun is forecast maybe consider opting got a parasol. If your'e an autumn or winter bride consider a delicate pair of vintage glovers or faux fur muffs. These are great and popular options for colder weddings. Summer weddings or weddings abroad do keep a bottle of cooling mist to hand or even the sunscreen.

Love to Dream Umbrella by Love Umbrellas

Allocate time to spend with your other half

On your'e wedding day time can run away with itself with so much going on from the ceremony , to the photos, speeches and first dance. When in fact the whole day is a celebration of a couple in love spending their lives together. Take some time away during your day to have some us time, even for 20 minutes, it really helps calm you on your day, releasing stress and reminding you why you what your day is all about. Even during your reception taken a few minutes out in the fresh air taking a deep breath in together. Trust me you will look back at those few minutes and be so glad you took the time to do them.

Post Ceremony Photography

I will always suggest that couples make a list of the wedding pictures they really want after their ceremony has taken place. Create a detailed list of all the pictures you want and place everyone into numbered groups . (Ex: Group One - Bride, Groom & Vicar ... Group Two - Bride, MOB, FOB, Brothers & Sisters... etc.) Do use everyones name on the list including their first and last names, print them out and give them to your ushers or hosts to pass out the photo list after the ceremony . Do let everyone know prior to the ceremony or even better before your'e wedding day that they will need to remain after the ceremony for your pictures.

Create a Wedding Emergency Kit

Create an emergency kit for those unexpected emergencies on your'e wedding day. E.g a make up bag for touch ups or take a look at the list below for inspiration.

  • Sewing Needles and Thread

  • Tape

  • Small Sissors

  • Clear Nail Polish

  • Super Glue

  • Lint Roller

  • Chalk

  • Paracetamol / Ibroprofen

  • Personal Medication

  • Small First Aid Kit

  • Tampons

  • Deodarant

  • Sun Cream

  • Perfume

  • Floss

  • Tooth Brush and Tooth Paste

  • Bobby Pins

  • Hair Ties

  • Comb

  • Hair Spray

  • Baby Powder

  • Tissues

  • Nail File

  • Tweezers

  • Nail Clippers

  • Water

  • Granola bars

  • Energy Drinks

  • Mints

  • Phone Charger

  • Cash

Hope these tips help with your'e wedding day.

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