Top tips for stress-free​ wedding planning

CONGRATULATIONS, You’re getting married!

This is going to be one of the most memorable days of your entire life!

But, while some Brides and Grooms may take to wedding planning like a duck to water, others may see it as a very daunting process.

Here at Willow Bridal we have a motto ‘we don’t do stress’ and we believe that’s how every element of your wedding should be handled because, after all, planning your day should be just as exciting as the big event…well, nearly.

The team here at Willow have vast wedding experience between them, working in all aspects of the wedding industry and now specializing in Bridal.

After numerous conversations and talking to brides in the boutique, we decided to put together a list of ‘I wish I had . . . . .’  tips from many real brides. These tips are a good guide to a stress-free planning process, which should help you enjoying every minute of the run up to your wedding day.

1. ‘I wish I had stuck to the budget’ - What do you BOTH want and what can you spend?

You’re engaged!!!! Now is the time to sit down together and discuss what you both want from your wedding day. Discussing this from the start will help you to keep focused on what is important to you as a couple. Write a list of WANTS/NEEDS, these elements will then be your goals.

·         Church wedding or registry office

·         Dress

·         Transport options - Walk. Drive yourself. Hire cars. Horse and carriage

·         Type of Reception venue

·         Number of guests etc.

Once you have an idea of what you are trying to achieve its time to look at your budget. Hammering down a budget and sticking to it is crucial, as we found that about 90% of wedding stresses and arguments are about budget.

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2. ‘I wish I had been more organized’ – let out your inner wedding planner

Write a list, buy a planner or create a spreadsheet. There are many ways to keep all your wedding planning details in one place.

This is extremely important throughout the entire process to make certain you don’t forget anything, to keep you on track and to know exactly what each item is costing.

Whatever way you choose to save it make sure you have every single detail listed, ticking off the items when Ordered/arrived/paid for etc.

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3.       ‘ I wish I had wedding insurance’ - Insurance matters.

Ok, ok… this isn’t the most exciting topic, but we know that it’s an important part of wedding planning and not to be missed if your trying to keep stress to a minimum.

You would be surprised how many brides haven’t known about or haven’t considered insurance for their wedding. Wedding insurance doesn’t cost the earth and can cover most eventualities, it can be done online in a matter of minutes. Make sure the insurance covers your specific needs, for example a wedding abroad cancelled due to weather conditions. There is an insurance to cover all types of weddings and most importantly it will give you peace of mind.

Don't forget here at Willow Bridal Boutique we offer £1000 worth of free wedding attire insurance against the purchase of any wedding dress in store.

4. ‘ I wish I had thought about that sooner’ - Stay ahead of the game.

When booking or ordering anything for the wedding, make sure all of this is done well ahead of time.

Wedding venues and churches can book up months to years in advance so if you have venues in mind check they are available on your chosen date as soon as possible.

Staying ahead and organised, will also help you eliminate any issues If they should arise.

5.       ‘ I wish I had found this shop sooner’  - Say yes to the RIGHT Dress

Many of our brides tell us that they can finally relax after finding their perfect dress with us.

Our tips for finding the perfect dress: Bringing ideas along to your consultation can be helpful do show your consultant your likes and dislikes.

BUT! Stay open minded when looking for your dress, on many occasions our brides fall in love with a dress that is the complete opposite of what they started out looking for.

It is important to remember that most wedding dresses, once ordered can take at least 6 months to arrive in store, then they will need alterations which will take around 6-8 weeks depending on your seamstress.

Here at Willow Bridal we strive to help your find your perfect, dream dress, so you can relax and wow your future husband, family and friends on your big day.

6.       ‘I wish I had concentrated on what we wanted’ - You can’t please everyone

An important thing to remember is that you can’t please everyone. We have met so many Brides and Grooms that are pulling out their hair trying to make sure every guest gets what they want…. STOP!

It is your big day - No one else’s, and while it is nice to take other people into consideration, it is not always possible for many reasons.  Making sure you and your husband to be are happy is top priority.

7.       ‘I wish we had concentrated on each other’ - Remind yourself why…

The most important thing to remind yourself of though out the entire planning process is WHY you are arranging a wedding and what REALLY matters. 

Throughout the years we have met many couples that have worried, stresses or even argued their way to the alter…this will not do! Of course, it is wonderful to have the perfect day, with those perfect finishing touches, but the most important thing above all is the love and marriage, you will share together.

Listen to each other whenever wedding planning decisions are being made and be prepared to make compromises if needed, so that you are both happy. Take time out to remind each other of your love and commitment to each other and why you were getting married in the first place. 

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