Travelling With Your Wedding Dress

Your'e wedding dress has been purchased, your alterations are done all that needs completing is the all important packing.

First things first get the correct size box for your'e wedding dress to be taken onto the aircraft as your carry on luggage, from experience a box is much easier to get through airport security and into an overhead locker, or under the seat in front of you than a dress bag (I will discuss this later). Plus you know exactly where your'e wedding dress is at all times. Check your carrier/airlines hand baggage policy and what dimensions you will need every airline is different and each requirement for weight also differs.

Why don't I just use my dress bag?

Your'e wedding dress is a beautiful garment that has been tailored to fit you, squashing your bridal gown as you go through airport security scanners and trying to get it into an overhead locker. A box is much easier to move and you know it will have been packed correctly. Carry on travel boxes limit costs in purchasing an extra seat for your dress. Also on board cabin crew quite often do not have space to hang your gown for the flight or a cupboard to our it in meaning again its at risk of getting crushed or damaged.

Once you know what size box you need, let us know and we can order you the correct one with a great selection of colours to choose from even with personalised calligraphy if you would like.

Prior to packing you dress will be steamed and pressed to help make it easier for you on arrival to your destination.

Airport & Airline Security

When you collect you're wedding dress in its box, we will show you the dress packed to ensure you can see its only you're wedding dress and accessories are in the box as due to current airport security regulations you need to pack all of your luggage yourself.

Arriving at your destination...

So you have arrived at you're wedding venue, as soon as you can unpack the pack the gown and hang it up ideally off the floor so your dress can drop. Also remove your veil from the packaging and hang it up. Do check with your venue as they may have steaming or pressing facilities on site. Please do this ahead of you traveling and speak to wedding planners for advice as each venue is different.

Enjoy Your Wedding Day

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