Wedding Dress Shopping Advice from the experts

So the question has been popped, the date and venue are set now it's time to find "The Dress" or in Reece Witherspoons "Legally Blonde" the dress I will always remember, let the selecting begin... but first here's our best advice on bridal gown shopping from the team that have been dressing brides in Cheshire in our luxury bridal boutiques for over 7 years.

Research, Research and more Research

Where do you want to go shopping? and why? check out the latest designs for silhouettes check out Pinterest to find the designs you love the most. Next hit the designers websites this will give you an idea of the overall vibe, style and most important budget. The majority of designers websites will state your nearer stockist of the gowns you love if you can't find the information you're looking for drop them an email and most will gladly help.

Booking Appointments

Once you have located those all important designers contact the store to schedule an appointment. Do be aware that some boutiques charge booking or cancellation fees, for evening or weekend appointments. The majority of boutiques do book ahead during weekends and often have waiting lists. If you pay for an appointment that includes Prosecco, champagne or alcoholic beverages do check they have an alcohol license to do this before booking. Many boutiques have online booking facilities so you can get your bride tribe together to do your wedding dress shopping, Do remember if you need to cancel an appointment for whatever reason do let the store know as soon as possible to give them the best chance to re allocate the appointment to another bride to be. Don't be afraid to contact the boutiques regarding any extra assistance you may need, any style or dress queries they will be more than happy to help you.

Speaking Of Bride Tribes

When going bridal gown shopping only take those people with you that matter the most. Don't take everybody as quite often everyone has their own opinion of you and what they think you should have.

Make sure that prior to your appointment your tribe knows what your looking for wether its your style or silhouette of dress you are looking for and the budget you want to spend. This helps to reduce conflicts with your tribe and bridal stylist during your appointments.

Budgets... Not A Favourite Thing

Budgets everyone has one just work out what your entire budget is for you entire ensemble from your dress, shoes, underwear, petticoat, veil, accessories and of course you're alterations to make your dream dress fit to perfection. Be open with the bride tribe about what you want to spend on which items so your'e not tempted to try on any over your budget.

Trust Your Bridal Stylist

Bridal Stylists can make or break an appointment be honest with your stylist about what your want and don't want. Never be afraid of speaking your mind they need to know what you like and don't like.

They are trained to know which styles, silhouettes and fabrics will suit you, take their advice and try things on outside your comfort zone as you may be pleasantly surprised. No dress is a bad try on its one towards the right dress. You can take the "Good, Bad and The Ugly" from any dress. Some of our brides best moments in store are trying on the things they didn't think they would like or laughing at how much they don't like something. The best moment is of course that "Yes Moment" when the bride knows that's her dress.

Its My Dress

When you find your wedding dress you will just know It can be a feeling, tears, shaking or just go this is mine. My advice is the dress you feel yourself in at your most fabulous.

Online Wedding Dresses

So you have found "The Dress" it looks amazing, feels amazing and feels like yours but you're not ready to pull the trigger and order. I will absolutely advocate sleeping on a dress or store experience and going back to try on at a later date. Major wedding dress designers do not sell wedding dresses online and can only be purchased from a bricks and mortar store and they do not sell direct to the public online. Many online stores claim to sell designer dresses but in reality they have stolen the images from the designers websites and are using the images without permission and what looks like a seriously discounted price. If it seems too good to be true it probably is so please don't be fooled and waste your money. You do not know who's made the gown, whether it's been made correctly, isn't held together with glue, made by children. Please don't risk the biggest dress of your life by buying it online from a seller you know nothing about.

If your looking to get your dream gown cheaper ask if the store will sell you their sample or if they have any discounts ie NHS or emergency services etc.

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