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The number of fittings required varies from bride to bride depending on the work required. If your chosen wedding dress has been custom made with your unique measurements and you have stayed the same shape, a single fitting may suffice but this is very rare. The majority of our brides order a ‘standard’ dress size, and require you to have multiple alterations. Providing your measurements don’t change, we only charge for the finished job, NOT the number of fittings. The majority of our brides have three fittings with the seamstress ahead of them taking their beautiful dress home. ​We always suggest bringing the minimum amount of people to fittings with the seamstress due to the nature of the appointments.

Your first fitting is generally booked 6 - 8 weeks ahead of your wedding date but please remember to bring the shoes and underwear you will be wearing on the wedding day to EVERY fitting. We simple cannot carry out a fitting without them as they will alter the fit go the wedding dress. We charge a flat fee of £250 for all standard alterations to any wedding dress. Customisations such as sleeves, straps, beading and any other custom work is not included in the price and will be priced individually.

​Our in-house seamstresses works Monday, Tuesday 1000 - 2000 as standard for all fitting appointments If you want your alterations completed over a weekend for offer a weekend alterations package to complete over one weekend for £450. More information can be found on our ALTERATIONS PAGE so please do be aware of this when scheduling your alterations and personal diary. We are unable to take standard fitting appointments Thursday - Sunday.

Once your final fittings is complete your wedding dress is ready to take home or can be picked up at a later date to suit you. Your beautiful wedding dress will be pressed and steamed, hanging beautifully. We will require you to check your dress thoroughly as you will be required to sign a legally binding pick up form to say that you are happy with the condition and the fit of your gown. ​We will also show you how to get in and out of your wedding dress to ensure you look amazing on your wedding day.

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