Image by Soulseeker - Creative Photography

Wedding Dress Lacing


Pull the dress upwards and have the person wearing the gown put their hands on their waist pushing back towards the lacing, but not enough to distort the fit of the bodice. This will ensure the gown stays in place. Lace the gown as detailed below and continue to tighten the gown as you lace downwards. Always ensure the cord lays flat and doesn't twist.



Ensure the lacings are of equal length. Most have a seam at the midpoint to assist you.



Insert the lacing (ribbon) into the left eyelet first then into the right lacing. Make sure that both ends of the lacing are coming out of the holes away from the dress. Ensure they both are the same length. Again use the mid seam of the lacing to ensure it's of equal length. The lacing should sit flush against the fabric of the modesty panel if is being used. If the modesty panel has a clip or button fasten this now as it will help with lacing



Insert the left end of the lacing into the next right-sided eyelet or hole downwards. Ensure the lacing is kept straight and doesn't twist.

Insert the right end of the lacing into the next available eyelet or hole, ensuring the lacing is kept straight and doesn't twist. Continue alternating sides until you reach the bottom, creating a criss-cross pattern with the lacing.



Pull each ribbon tight starting at the top of the gown, moving from side to side and tightening as you go ideally using 1 finger so you don't twist the lacing. The tighter you pull the lacing the more defined the wearer's waist will become. Try not to pull too tightly as the wearer needs to be comfortable in the gown and to ensure there are no bulges of skin over the top of the gown.



Tie the excess ribbons into a bow or a knot at the bottom of the corset.

There will be a space between the lacing and the modesty panel piece at the bottom where you can tuck the lacing in.